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Training & Support

Support and help is available you help you walk you through any issue or perhaps you need to know how to do something or, how do I do that.

You can purchase a support package from as small as an hour right up to a year.

Individual requests for support can purchased on an ad-hoc basis  More
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Sony Creative Software Launch Two New Products

SOny IBC 2014

Today is the start of IBC 2014 and SCS are announcing the launch of two new products – Catalyst Browse and Catalyst Prepare.  These applications for both the PC and Mac  are brand new applications for the professional video market.

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Disable Closed Caption Processing

Do you get fed up seeing that progress bar that says its reading the closed captions

If you do not use them or do not want to see that option again then do the following…

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Sapphire Edge Discontinued

No further updates will be released as of the 1st of September and support will cease after December 31st 2014

That’s the trouble with software, you purchase in good faith only to find after a few years it is next to useless in the new edit suite and the money is down the drain, at least with a real object e.g. a car you can always try and fix it or sell it on, or admire it on the road.

Read Gen Arts e-mail…

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Sony’s new HXR-MC2500E shoulder-style HD camcorder

Sony’s new HXR-MC2500E shoulder-style HD camcorder offers strong night or indoors performance and stable shooting for long events. 


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Having trouble Smart Rendering

A little tip if the smart render does not appear to work, e.g. you do not get the “No recompression Required”

1 , Make sure you are using the right file type that allows “Smart Render”

2, Make sure you use the same render template as per original render

3, Make sure the “Stretch video to fill output frame size 9do not letterbox)” is unchecked for the smart render

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Hands-on training from Sony

Sony have today announced their new “Hands-on craft training.  This is on location with hands on to get the experience of a real life  scenario and those secret tips of the trade to give your productions that edge in the competitive market.

Apart from the hands on , business & copyright  as well as the H&S will be covered.

There are two courses on offer at present, Wedding Videography presented by myself  and Corporate Videography, presented by Matt Davis. The first of these courses are on July 12th, 13th & 26th , 27th

Book and get more details here
location of training

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Vegas pro 13 update Build 310

Sony have released an update to Vegas Pro 13 to the new the version 310.

It has a few notable fixes and changes

Get the update here



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Sony Announce Vegas Pro 13

Today at NAB sony will announce the new Sony Vegas Pro 13
The Vegas Pro Connect is one of the best addition to Vegas Pro workflow. It will give a more collaborative feel to Vegas. (this allows tablet (ipad at present) use)
Note the English only version will launch on our website and distributors on the 17th of April. Box version will launch on the 5th of May.
The multilingual version update will be release later in June/July.

Read Press release.

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Sony Z100 4K Camera Edit

The scope of this review is not so much to see the fine details of the operation of the camera.  This is to see how the work flow works within an edit suite (Sony Vegas 12) with a 4K camera and make a two camera edit from the one 4K image. I must thank kanta of Sony, who I badgered to get this camera so I could try out my curiosity.

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Free NXCAM Master Class

Prokit are hosting a FREE NXCAM Master Class on the 20th march 2014 , on their premises at 111 Power Road, London, W4 5PY.

Book you place on their website and come down to get more information on the NXCAM and get your hands on  on the new NX3 and ask any questions you may have.
Time permitting I will also pass on some hints & tips on on capturing that image and audio.

Register here for free

Zulqar Cheema NX3 Dec 2013 -6 Zulqar Cheema NX3 Dec 2013 -3

Please call for more details,  Tel 020 8995 4664

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