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Training & Support

Support and help is available you help you walk you through any issue or perhaps you need to know how to do something or, how do I do that.

You can purchase a support package from as small as an hour right up to a year.

Individual requests for support can purchased on an ad-hoc basis  More
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Vegas Post Out

For the first time, Magix has been integrated into video editing, VFX, compositing tools and image processing into a powerful video post production suite: VEGAS POST.

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Vegas pro 17, released.

VEGAS Pro 17 – The fastest NLE

And now, the big day has here
the release of the new version
VEGAS Pro 17. With more than 30 new features
VEGAS Pro 17 has hit a new milestone.

We’ve made comprehensive workflow improvements, such as Nested Timelines that provide the power to better organize complex and long-form projects. The new Color Grading panel streamlines the workflow in a quick, efficient and logical process. Another highlight of the new version is the optical-flow slow motion for incredibly smooth slow motion. Optical flow technology that analyzes one frame to the next and then creates intermediary frames between them.

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VEGAS Movie Studio 16 Update 2 (Build 138 & 142)

There has been an announce of the second update of VEGAS Movie Studio 16 (build 138 & 142). You can download the latest build through the auto-update mechanism. Feel free to start your own discussion on the forum.

New Features:

The first screen of the Guided Video Creator tool now autoscrolls when you move a thumbnail to a position that is not currently visible in the window

The Guided Video Creator tool now informs the user that it is processing when numerous media files have been added thus resulting in longer processing time

An alert box asks the user to confirm that they really want to leave the Guided Video Creator

Files added to the Main Storyboard timeline through the Import function now also land on the main project timeline

A new preference enables the user to disable auto detection for 360° files

New screen capture utility is included

Bug Fixes

Clicking the beginning edge of an event properly places the cursor at that exact frame

Adding media to the Main Timeline storyboard honors the Overlap preference for events added to the timeline

Undesired behavior when clicking the timeline ruler has been eliminated to make the behavior consistent with VEGAS Pro

Multiple Undo items are no longer undesirably added when making OFX parameter changes under certain circumstances

Files from the GoPro Hero 7 are now properly identified when added to the timeline and are no longer read as 360° files

Fixed a bug which could cause problems when adding the Video Stabilization plug-in to multiple video clips

Applying video stabilization to a still-image file no longer affects the application negatively

The Welcome screen no longer remains open behind the main application window after you select Easy Editing Modes

Missing 360° plug-ins are once again available–116343/?fbclid=IwAR0NMFDa9krbP3tG9v9MsKaYi3-vmUe5Jd5K_g98HJHOcEaecTMquu8RtxU

VMS16 (Build 138) Download Links



II (EN, DE, FR, ES, PL):



VMS16 Platinum (Build 142) Download Links



II (EN, DE, FR, ES, PL):



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VEGAS Pro 16 Update 5 (build 424)

Update available now, with new features.

New Features

  • Variable Frame Rate files are now identified as VFR in Media properties, the Explorer window summary information, the Project Media window Details view, and the Project Media window media summary information
  • In cases where the user attempts to run the Copy Motion Track to PinP script without first applying the Picture-in-Picture plug-in to the target event, a dialog box provides instructions on how to properly make the feature work
  • A preference now enables you to choose between prioritizing audio/video synchronization or optimal file preview when working with Variable Frame Rate video media
  • Added logic to revert the video stabilization plug-in to Fast mode in certain rare cases where we can detect that it will return superior results over Accurate mode
  • You can now enter a value into the Smoothing text box on the Video Stabilization plug-in to achieve smoothing values far greater than 10
  • Support for HEVC 10-bit BT.2020 and BT.709 files
  • A new preference enables the user to disable auto detection for 360° files

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New Software Announced : Vegas Post

Looks like a merger of Vegas Pro and FX Home announced at NAB

Last night at the MediaMotion Ball at NAB Show, we shared some incredibly big news!

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VEGAS DVD Architect Update 3 (build 100)

The long awaited third update for VEGAS DVD Architect- build 100, is ready to download, bringing you important stabilization fixes.

Let us know what you think about the update in our general discussion thread.

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VEGAS Pro 16 – Bezier Masking Tutorial (2019)

The following video provides detailed instructions on how to create different masks and apply effects to the masked area.

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Vegas Pro 16 Motion Track and Pin text Tutorial

Magix Vegas Pro 16 Build 261 will do simple motion track. A script is now included in Build 261 to Pin Text to the motion track. (PandaCruises)

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VEGAS Pro 16 Update 4 (build 361)

Mainly Bug fixes

  • Crash that can happen when OpenColorIO library is not installed properly is now prevented
  • Incorrect values in metadata for HDR renders has been corrected
  • Improved handling of hardware dependent video plugins when GPU does not initialize properly
  • Likelihood of crash when resizing thumbnails in Project Media window has been reduced
  • Improved performance of thumbnail drawing within the project media window
  • Problem with some valid video plugins not appearing in the plugin chooser has been resolved
  • Crash when launching on a 2 GPU system when with one GPU disabled has been fixed
  • Smoothing parameter is now available in the basic mode of the Video Stabilization plugin
  • Crash when updating a grouped track that is not visible has been fixed
  • Crash when reading certain MP4 files is now prevented
  • Disabled some JDR project properties for non-HDR projects
  • Disabled HDR preview preference for 8 bit projects
  • Crash that may occur if the timeline ruler and speed controls are not visible as been resolved
  • Crash they may occur when beginning a render of building peaks or other similar tasks has been resolved

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VEGAS Pro 16 Update 3 (build 352)

Updates coming thick and fast , these days….

You can download the build 352 now at:

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