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Training & Support

Support and help is available you help you walk you through any issue or perhaps you need to know how to do something or, how do I do that.

You can purchase a support package from as small as an hour right up to a year.

Individual requests for support can purchased on an ad-hoc basis  More
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A free way to use LUTS Vegas

Free from this site

LUTs are an increasingly popular way of establishing a consistent look across your footage, but there’s unfortunately no free way to use them in Sony Vegas Pro– until now.

What is a lUT?
In very basic terms, a LUT (“Look Up Table”) is a preset “look” that you apply to your footage. These presets can be used to give your footage a unique style, but it can also be used to make baseline adjustments to your footage as a starting point before you dive into color grading.

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Magix Service Centre

Can be found here

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Bluff Extension Library

Extension library for Sony Vegas Pro 12+

An Open Source project to help make you look like you know what you are doing in Sony Vegas Pro. Developed using Vegas’ extension model, it takes you a step beyond what can easily be done inside a standard script. Developed initially to help create some custom video effects for internal and personal video projects.
(Not MAGIX SOny pro , yet)

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Vegas Pro 14 Now out

Vegas (no more Sony) Pro 14 is now out of the starting gates.

There are three different flavors available
Vegas Pro 14 Edit £299
Vegas Pro 14  £449.00
Vegas Pro 14 Suite £599  (Comparison)

All available as 30 day trials

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Sony Creative Software Forums closing

The Forums at Sony are closing down at..

and they are moving to ..



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Until Friday23rd ONLY: White Balance GPU at $29.99

Get crisp and realistic colors back from your footage.

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Sony Vegas v14 will make all Vegas Scripts and Extension unusable

From a post by Gary Rebholz long time trainer at Sony, there will be changes to the scripting to make the current scripts unusable in Vegas 14, however he does offer a solution fro scripts (not compiled extensions)

“Prompted by a discussion on the Vegas Pro-Video forum, I wanted to give you all a little heads-up warning about a change for scripting in the upcoming VEGAS Pro 14.
Unfortunately, legal considerations will force us to change the scripting namespace and thus all existing scripts will need to be modified in order to work inside VEGAS Pro 14. It will be a minor, but critical change. We’re still working out the details, but once we have them, we will tell you exactly what you’ll need to change in your scripts.”

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Vegas Pro 14 update

Vegas Pro new Era

From a news letter received and it seems the software guys are still in Madison. Pro 14 due in september.

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Vegas 13 +14 offer




Sony Vegas newsletter (actually form the Magix site)
Since the acquisition of VEGAS Pro and other tools from Sony Creative Software, our entire development team in Madison, Wisconsin is working tirelessly to take video editing with VEGAS Pro 14 to the next level.

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Sony Magix press release

Friday, May 20, 2016

Sony Creative Software Sells Majority of Products to MAGIX Software GmbH

Catalyst Production Suite Remains with Sony for Professional Broadcast and Production Applications

Middleton, WIS — Sony Creative Software (SCS) has sold the majority of its products to MAGIX Software GmbH.

SCS will remain a part of Sony Electronics and will continue to own and distribute its Catalyst Browse and Catalyst Production Suites. These products will continue to be developed by Sony for professional broadcast and production applications.

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