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Training & Support

Support and help is available you help you walk you through any issue or perhaps you need to know how to do something or, how do I do that.

You can purchase a support package from as small as an hour right up to a year.

Individual requests for support can purchased on an ad-hoc basis  More
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Sony’s Webinar

Tuesday, 14 July 14:00 (BST)/15:00 (CET) and is called:
Make the Break
for people who would like to hear about the secrets of success in today’s video industry, and includes a guest speaker from YouTube.

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Wedding Videography Course

Come and join me on one of my courses at Pinewood Studios

The moving image industry is a very competitive environment to work in and so standing out from the crowd is not always easy. Ultimately, it is the quality of the production that you are going to be judged on.

These courses are highly interactive, hands-on sessions that emulate real-life shooting environments and will be delivered by industry renowned experts in association with Sony Europe Limited.

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Free Sony Pro SeMW Extensions

The PreviewLevels extension has been intergarted into an extensions package named “SeMW Extensions” ( that also includes an improved render progress dialog with the option to pause and continue the render process.
The SeMW Extensions are a free download.

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Colour Match from SeMW

Graide Color Match ( comes with its own settings window fully integrated with the Vegas GUI and lets you open images from disk, paste from the clipboard, or grab the current effect input frame.

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Sony Open Day @ Prestons Media

Come down to Prestons Media on the 25th March from 10am till 5pm, to have a play and fiddle with Sony cameras.

I’ll be on hand to show and answer any questions on the following Sony cameras.
PXW-X200, PXW-X180, Alpha A7S, HXR-MC2500E, PMW-300, NEX-EA50M

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Remove all markers & Regions in one go

if you have been adding regions and markers to your project for whatever reason and now want to remove them all, here is how to do it

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How to fit a long video onto DVD-A

Using DVD Architect learn how to compress and fit a long video onto a DVD,
by calculating customized Bit Rates and pre-rendering the video.

Movie Studio Zen , has some good tutorials here

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Sony Action Cam AS100VR Review

I have been using a DSLR as my backup/second camera on quite a few events for a number of years and the POV cameras is not something that came to mind when I was filming events.   I had considered them but the quality of the  image and low light and battery life was always in the back of my mind.


It has taken some time to put this review together as I have actually used the equipment in real situations and not just picked it up and read the manual. (though I did read the manual)

I liked the idea of have a remote viewing screen and controlling the camera, via  the Wi-Fi, in fact I tested this in one of my previous reviews.  I did have a  concern on using my phone as it did drain the battery quite rapidly, so fine for the  odd view but not the whole event.

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Sony Creative Software Launch Two New Products

SOny IBC 2014

Today is the start of IBC 2014 and SCS are announcing the launch of two new products – Catalyst Browse and Catalyst Prepare.  These applications for both the PC and Mac  are brand new applications for the professional video market.

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Disable Closed Caption Processing

Do you get fed up seeing that progress bar that says its reading the closed captions

If you do not use them or do not want to see that option again then do the following…

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