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Advanced DVD & Blue-ray menu design

DVD Architect is a powerful tool for authoring and burning DVDs and Blu-ray discs. With it you can design and create the sophisticated discs that you and your clients demand. There’s a lot of functionality packed into the DVD Architect menu-building tools, which gives you the power to create highly useful menus for your projects.
You’ll learn how to create custom buttons that look like you want them to look and, just as importantly, act like you want them to act. You’ll learn how to add custom artwork, create menus with motion buttons, build buttons that turn subtitles, alternate audio, and alternate-angle video on and off, and more.

We’ll use DVD Architect Pro in this presentation, but much of what we cover will work in DVD Architect Studio as well, so everyone’s welcome. If you’ve ever wanted to take your menu design to the next level, but didn’t know exactly how, then this presentation is for you.

This webinar originally aired February 29, 2012.

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