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Vegas Pro 14 Update Build 244, 252

You can download build 252 now: (you need to be logged in)

Here are the patch notes for this update:

Bug fixes

Custom HEVC, MainConcept AVC/AAC, and ProRes render templates now work properly again The Film Effects plug-in was found to expose unwanted transparency in 8-bit Pixel format mode. The plug-in now works […]

Exception error in nvoglv64.dll

If you get a C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\nvoglv64.DLL – Putting V14 in an endless loop when applying an effect, e.g.Ignite CineStyle – to rarely apparently actually working

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A free way to use LUTS Vegas

Free from this site

LUTs are an increasingly popular way of establishing a consistent look across your footage, but there’s unfortunately no free way to use them in Sony Vegas Pro– until now.

What is a lUT? In very basic terms, a LUT (“Look Up Table”) is a preset “look” that you apply to your […]

Magix Service Centre

Can be found here

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Vegas Pro 14 Now out

Vegas (no more Sony) Pro 14 is now out of the starting gates.

There are three different flavors available Vegas Pro 14 Edit £299 Vegas Pro 14 £449.00 Vegas Pro 14 Suite £599 (Comparison)

All available as 30 day trials

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Sony Vegas v14 will make all Vegas Scripts and Extension unusable

From a post by Gary Rebholz long time trainer at Sony, there will be changes to the scripting to make the current scripts unusable in Vegas 14, however he does offer a solution fro scripts (not compiled extensions)

“Prompted by a discussion on the Vegas Pro-Video forum, I wanted to give you all a little […]

Vegas Pro 14 update

From a news letter received and it seems the software guys are still in Madison. Pro 14 due in september.

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Vegas 13 +14 offer



  Sony Vegas newsletter (actually form the Magix site) Since the acquisition of VEGAS Pro and other tools from Sony Creative Software, our entire development team in Madison, Wisconsin is working tirelessly to take video editing with VEGAS Pro 14 to the next level.

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