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Exception error in nvoglv64.dll

If you get a C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\nvoglv64.DLL – Putting V14 in an endless loop when applying an effect, e.g.Ignite CineStyle – to rarely apparently actually working

00 […]

A free way to use LUTS Vegas

Free from this site

LUTs are an increasingly popular way of establishing a consistent look across your footage, but there’s unfortunately no free way to use them in Sony Vegas Pro– until now.

What is a lUT? In very basic terms, a LUT (“Look Up Table”) is a preset “look” that you apply to your […]

Vegas Pro 14 Now out

Vegas (no more Sony) Pro 14 is now out of the starting gates.

There are three different flavors available Vegas Pro 14 Edit £299 Vegas Pro 14 £449.00 Vegas Pro 14 Suite £599 (Comparison)

All available as 30 day trials

+10 […]