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Training & Support

Support and help is available you help you walk you through any issue or perhaps you need to know how to do something or, how do I do that.

You can purchase a support package from as small as an hour right up to a year.

Individual requests for support can purchased on an ad-hoc basis  More
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Vegas Pro 18 coming

Coming our way in August 2020

If you have VP17 then you can get an upgrade, or if oyu have recently purchased VP17 then it is a free upgrade.

So whats new… (see videos below)

The new version pushes the boundaries of video editing ever further. In VEGAS Pro 18, current features continue to evolve along with cutting-edge new features. Everything is designed to serve your workflow so you can concentrate on editing creativity instead of technical barriers.

Sneak Peak of VEGAS Pro 18

Artificial intelligence driven tools like colourisation
An even more improved Colour Grading panel for more flexibility
More intuitive Motion Tracking workflow

And much more

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VEGAS Pro 17/ VEGAS POST (Update 5, Build 452)

Announcement of the release of the fifth update for VEGAS Pro 17/VEGAS POST (build 452), as well as the third update for VEGAS Image (version 1.2) and VEGAS Effects (version 1.3). Below you will find a detailed list of all the bug fixes and enhancements. As always, you can update through the links below, or with the auto-update feature.

Direct Download Links

VEGAS Pro 17/VEGAS POST (Update 5, Build 452)

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VEGAS Pro 17 Update 4 (Build 421)

A new fourth update for VEGAS Pro 17 (build 421), which can be downloaded through the auto-update feature, or, through the links below.

As always, we value your feedback, please let us know what you think of build 421 in our general discussion thread.

Direct Download Links

New Features

  • White Balance improvements
  • 5.7k render template now available for 360 projects
  • AMD decoding support for AVC and HEVC media

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VEGAS Movie Studio 16 Platinum Update 4 (Build 175)


  • Webcam video capture is now available in the VEGAS Capture utility
  • Mouse cursor capture is now available in the VEGAS Capture utility
  • Audio and Video tracks imported from VEGAS Capture will now be more accurately synchronized
  • Various stability fixes for VEGAS Capture

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VEGAS Pro 17 Update 3 (Build 387)

This build includes features such as a new video capture functionality in VEGAS Capture, a trial version of VEGAS POST, as well as many bug fixes. You can download update three through the auto update feature, or, through the direct download links provided below.

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VEGAS Pro 17 Update 2 (Build 353)

New Features

  • Improved performance for MeshWarp video effect
  • Backwards tracking for Bézier Mask video effect
  • Improved precision for tracking function in Bézier Mask video effect
  • Added ability to render to 8k for any project that is greater than 4k resolution
  • Support setting projects to up to 240 frames per second

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Vegas Pro 14 Update 321

New Features  (Download HERE)

This monster of an update contains over 40 bug fixes, as well as 10 new features and improvements. This is makes another big step forward in improving the stability and performance.

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How to add m4a files onto the timeline

If you had to re-format your machine or this is the first time you have tried dropping m4a file onto the timeline , only to find it rejects it, then this fix should work

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Vegas Post Out

For the first time, Magix has been integrated into video editing, VFX, compositing tools and image processing into a powerful video post production suite: VEGAS POST.

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Vegas pro 17, released.

VEGAS Pro 17 – The fastest NLE

And now, the big day has here
the release of the new version
VEGAS Pro 17. With more than 30 new features
VEGAS Pro 17 has hit a new milestone.

We’ve made comprehensive workflow improvements, such as Nested Timelines that provide the power to better organize complex and long-form projects. The new Color Grading panel streamlines the workflow in a quick, efficient and logical process. Another highlight of the new version is the optical-flow slow motion for incredibly smooth slow motion. Optical flow technology that analyzes one frame to the next and then creates intermediary frames between them.

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