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HitFilm 2 & Vegas Pro 12 integration

Here’s a first look at the HitFilm-Vegas integration that will be coming to HitFilm 2 Ultimate in November.

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Sony Vegas Pro 12 & Sony Edit released

Sony creative media, have launched two new products today.

Sony Vegas Pro & Sony Vegas Edit, whats the difference I hear you say? Not much realy, the Edit version does not contain DVD-Architect apart form that they are identical. this is a big and bold move at last, you can now get a Pro without […]

Vegas Pro 12 & Vegas Pro Edit

Vegas Pro 12 will be available in two configurations. The Vegas Pro 12 collection continues the tradition of our recent releases by including Vegas Pro 12, DVD Architect™ Pro 5.2, and Dolby® Digital Professional Encoder, for a complete video, audio, and disc authoring solution. Vegas Pro 12 Edit features the same award-winning video and audio […]

HitFilm 2 Ultimate is being worked on

This isn’t about us slapping the number ‘2’ on a couple of minor new features. We’re talking a massive leap forward for HitFilm in every area: editing, compositing and VFX. There’s revolutionary stuff coming your way.

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