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Free Vegas Utilities Tools

Some great little tools on this site, including… Vegas Batch Stabilize, Movie Studio Vegas Pro Editor for your tablet EnDisEffects Movie Studio / Vegas Pro version faker

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Creating a title sequence

Creating a title sequence, lower third, and picture-in-picture effect in Movie Studio Platinum

In this article, I want to focus on Episode 5: Introducing Kevin of the Meet the Staff video series and explain how to easily create a title sequence, lower third, and picture-in-picture effect similar to those seen in the episode. Watch the […]

Movie Studio Platinum Suite, Promo Video

Movie Studio Platinum Suite


Movie Studio Platinum, Promo video

Movie Studio Platinum


Tutorial :Hit Film Storm Clouds

HitFilm provides a 2D and 3D visual effects at a very affordable price point. It brings Hollywood-quality effects and composting to your productions for a fraction of what you would have paid a few years ago.

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Webinar – Movie Studio Platinum

Sony is hosting a webnair for you Movie Studio Platinum users out there.

If you have been umming and arring about it, it only costs £60, and you can download a trial and follow the webinar

Thursday, November 15, 2012, 11:00 a.m. central time

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Pasting between different versions

If you have opened a project in a newer version of Sony Vegas and then having issues you could try the follow, always save the new version with an amended tile, e.g. add SV11 to the end, has always worked for me.

BUT if you have already saved in the new version, then you cannot […]

Neww FASST Apps for Movie Studio 12

Check out this extensive range of exciting new apps designed to help you get more from Movie Studio 12. Just $9.95 each.


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Movie Studio 11 Tutorials

Tutorials at the bott of the page via the link